Slot Tournament Tips

All slot machines are completely random, so you may be thinking that there is not much more you can do during a tournament other than sitting there clicking the spin button and hoping for the best.

However, there are quite a few slot tournament tips we can give you that may just help to get you into a prize paying position on the leaderboards. We cannot guarantee this, but nevertheless, you will find a selection of our top hints and tips for playing in slot tournaments below.

When to Play Slot Tournaments

Man With ClockSlot tournaments are up and running 24 hours a day at all Microgaming software powered casinos, so the time of day that you choose to enter them can often mean the difference between picking up a cash prize and picking up nothing.

The more players that are taking part in any tournament will have a direct effect on your overall chances of being placed in a prize paying position on that tournaments leaderboard.

Therefore, our first tip is for you to consider entering slot tournaments during the quieter times of the day or night, as at these times fewer players are online and playing, and that simple fact alone will increase your winning chances.

Consider Using Add-ons

Some of the savvier slot tournament entrants will use Add-ons to increase their chances of picking up a prize. In fact, some players have been known to constantly buy their way to the top of the leaderboard and guarantee themselves a big cash payout.

They do this by allocating as much time as possible to take part in the tournaments, and will play in such a way that as soon as their timer reaches zero or they run out of tournament credits, they will immediately purchase Add-ons regardless of how well they are doing in order to continue playing and bag an even higher score.

Statistics Add Ons
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It will still take an element of luck to get a good score, but by continually purchasing Add-ons your winning chances will increase as your score climbs higher. The downside, obviously, is that your outlay will be higher.

Look out for usernames that are always at the top of the leaderboard, as these players have done the maths and are buying Add-ons nonstop.

Satellite and Qualifier Slot Tournaments

Satellite Competitions
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Many of the larger paying slot tournaments can be quite expensive to enter. However, you could win your way into these tournaments by Satellite or Qualifier tournaments, which are held in the days or weeks before the main slot tournament begins.

This can often be a very cost effective way of securing a free entry into one of these larger paying slot tournaments, as occasionally these qualifiers are free to enter.

Obviously, as is the way with all freeroll tournaments, they are often fully subscribed, so the odds of you winning such a freeroll qualifier will be very low; nevertheless, they can often be worth entering when you have some free time as you have nothing to lose by giving them a crack – you might even get lucky.

Slot Tournament Strategy

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You should have a strategy in place when you take part in any form of online slot tournament, and we will now enlighten you on several different aspects to consider before and during your tournament play:

  • When you are going to take part in a slot tournament, make sure you have a well-stocked casino account. The reason for saying this is that should you decide to purchase either a Re-buy or an Add-on then you will be able to do so quickly, without wasting time going through the banking system to make a deposit. By having some funds already available in your casino account you can get on with playing almost instantly and boost your chances.
  • Another handy piece of advice is to make sure you have closed down any additional applications which you may have running on your computer before the tournament starts. Depending on the power of your computer, running additional and unrelated applications alongside the casino software can result in the slots playing at a slower speed than normal, and you need to play as many spins as possible during the tournament without lag slowing you down.
  • Try not to use the autoplay feature if it is offered on the slot machine you are using. There will often be a slight delay between each spin using the autoplay setting, and this will once again slow down the number of spins you can make. Another thing which can slow things down is when you have spun in a winning combination, as the credits are counted up on the screen – make sure you click your mouse onto the slot screen to calculate this instantly and save yourself seconds.

Sit and Go Slot Tournaments

Fifty Fifty Chance
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The best slot tournaments to take part in if you want a 50/50 chance of winning are the head to head Sit and Go tournaments. When you take part in these types of tournaments you will be playing against just one other player, and as such you will have an even money chance of winning.

Be aware, however, that the casino will often take a small commission out of both yours and your opponent’s entry fee, so you will not get an exact even money payout should you win one of these slot tournaments.

The commission fee charged is often relatively small, though, which makes these types of tournaments great fun to enter and a good option if you have a small bankroll or are perhaps new to tournament gaming.