Blackjack MicrogamingYou may or may not already enjoy playing the classic casino game Blackjack. If you do and you have mastered the art of playing a specific variant, then below you will find a plethora of facts and figures that will highlight whether or not you are giving yourself the best headstart.

The art to playing Blackjack is not only knowing how to play every single hand you are dealt when you are looking at the Dealers hand; the way to create the absolute maximum chances of success is by only playing Blackjack variants with the smallest house edges.

Luckily for you, all of this information is all available within this guide to Microgaming’s Blackjack catalogue.

Top Ten Blackjack Games in Order of House Edge

Below, we highlight the top ten Microgaming Blackjack variants which, when played with the very best strategy, will return the highlighted house edge.

Classic BlackjackClassic Blackjack – You will not find a better Microsoft Blackjack game than their Classic Blackjack, which when played perfectly and with no playing or betting errors plays to a 0.13% house edge.

Be aware, however, that the multi-hand version of this game has a much higher house edge and this is due to it having more decks of cards in the shoe as opposed to the single deck of cards in the single hand variant. The single hand version is the only one that returns that tiny house edge.

Vegas Strip Blackjack – There is a considerable jump with regards to the value of the house edge on offer on the next best paying variant, which is Vegas Strip. When played perfectly this single hand game boasts a house edge of 0.35%.

Vegas Single Hand BlackjackVegas Single Deck Blackjack – There is another Blackjack variant at Microgaming powered casino sites based on the rules commonly found in Las Vegas, and this is their Vegas Single Deck game.

This one has actually been designed to return an identical house edge to the Vegas Strip variant mentioned above, and as such its house edge is also 0.35%.

Atlantic City Blackjack – You can sometimes be attracted to playing an online Blackjack game solely because of its name, and for players who have visited Atlantic City this might be one of them. However, these regional variants of Blackjack, while highly playable, often offer slightly higher house edges than other variants.

Atlantic City Blackjack

If you do like the look of Atlantic City Blackjack then keep in mind that when playing perfectly the house edge is 0.36%, and as such, it is certainly not the best value variant you can play.

Spanish BlackjackSpanish Blackjack – The standard Blackjack rules are not in play during the Spanish Blackjack variant, because a special deck of playing cards are used. This game offers a range of bonus payouts which, while they do not require you to place a side bet to win them, make this game a relatively low paying one. Therefore, if you do choose to play this game online you will be up against a house edge of some 0.38%.

Pontoon – Not many people class Pontoon as a Blackjack game, but it is still a game many regular Blackjack players enjoy. Should you decide to play this popular card game and manage to do so with a perfect strategy, it is designed to play out to a house edge of some 0.39%.

Vegas Downtown Blackjack – The Downtown area of Las Vegas is famous as the place to be if you want access to the better paying games, but sadly, Microgaming’s Vegas Downtown Blackjack game is not as generous as its namesake. Due to the playing rules the house edge of this variant is 0.39%.

European JackpotEuropean Blackjack – One aspect of playing Blackjack at a Microgaming powered site is that there are quite a few games on which a bonus wager can be placed alongside your base game bet. Some you might come across are Hi-Lo 13, High Streak and Perfect Pairs Blackjack.

It is worth noting that the majority of these bonus bet variants use European Blackjack as the base game; however, that side or bonus bet will affect the house edge of the game and often make it much higher. So, whilst these additional Blackjack games may seem attractive, the 0.42% house edge offered on the European Blackjack game is going to be much higher if you start placing those side bets.

It is usually the case that those variants are not worth playing simply due to the increase in the house edge which will eat away at your bankroll in no time.

Microgaming Blackjack Variants

Big 5 Blackjack – Another low house edge game which probably won’t appeal to many players is Big 5 Blackjack. The house edge works out as 0.47% when played perfectly, and whilst higher than some other software suppliers games is it by no stretch of the imagination a high paying game.

One to avoid if you ask us.

Classic Blackjack MultihandMulti-Hand Classic Blackjack – It may surprise you to learn that even though the single hand version of Classic Blackjack is the lowest Microgaming house edge game on offer, their multi-hand variant is one of the worst. Due to there being more decks of cards in the shoe you are going to be playing a game offering an unsavory house edge of 0.59%.