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You are guaranteed a roller coaster ride of a playing session if you opt to play the high variance video slots. There are many different types of these slots in Microgaming’s suite, and they are designed in such a way that you could trigger a huge cash payout on any one single spin.

Whilst the thrill of instantly winning sizeable amounts of cash is what sends players heading straight for these machines, should you be considering playing them yourself, then you need to be aware the very opposite could happen. You could go on a long streak of spins where either no winning spins drop in, or only the occasional small win is awarded, so be ready for this.

It is hardly surprising that Microgaming has some of the most popular high variance slots online since they were one of the first casino software companies to offer an online casino gaming platform in the first place.  They also boast the biggest choice of slot games.

There are three ways in which slots players can now access Microgaming slot machines: via their downloadable suite of games, an instant play suite of games, and now via a mobile casino platform, too.

High Variance Microgaming Slot Tips

IsisIt can be extremely hit or miss when it comes to your chances of winning when playing high variance slots. These slots, by their very nature, have been designed to give you the chance to win a sizeable amount of cash either in one lucky spin of the reels or via a high paying bonus game.

High 5There are several high variance slots available at all Microgaming powered casinos and below are some of the most popular ones:

  • Supe It Up slot – 25 payline bonus video slot – 10,000 coin jackpot.
  • Break Da Bank slot – 3 reel, 5 line slot – 2,400 coin jackpot.
  • Cashville slot – 20 payline bonus video slot – 50,000 coin jackpot.
  • Couch Potato slot – 3 reel, 3 line slot – 15,000 coin jackpot.
  • Isis slot – 25 payline bonus video slot – 10,000 coin jackpot.
  • High 5 slot – 3 reel, 3 line slot – 15,000 coin jackpot.

Couch PotatoOur top tip for playing high variance slots such as these is to ensure that the stake levels at which you play give you the flexibility to ride out the dry spells which will inevitably happen. A good base game stake for such slots is 1/200th of your initial bankroll.

Many high variance slot games also boast a gamble feature involving playing Break da Bankcards, so you need to be clued up on how to use this optional bonus feature. The outcome of the gamble is often predetermined, so it doesn’t matter whether you pick the colour or the suit of the next card to be revealed.

Tips for Playing High Variance Slots

  • Play for as low a stake level a possible to ride out losing streaks.
  • Try and avoid using the gamble feature if one if offered.
  • Once you hit a sizeable payout stop playing that slot game.
  • Be prepared for lots of dry spins when playing high variance slots.
  • The RTP’s of all Microgaming high variance slots cannot be adjusted.

You need to get out of the game when the going is good when playing high variance slots, for as sure as night follows day a long dry run will often occur after you have had a high paying spin or a great paying bonus game.

Choosing a High Variance Slot to Play

Making a Decision
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Keeping in mind that it is best to avoid high variance slots which have just paid out, you will need to carefully select which slots to go for when you first log in to the casino. If you aren’t switched on, you might choose a high variance slot which has already paid out some sizeable amounts.

You could then find yourself on the downward swing of the high variance playing cycle, with the slot simply swallowing your money and spinning in no winning combinations.

This is why it pays dividends to utilize the Jackpot Thermometer which all Microgaming casinos have installed as part of the software; this is an on-screen indicator which will enlighten you as to which slots have recently paid out, and which ones haven’t.

Use this Jackpot Thermometer as a guide for which high variance slots may be worth playing, namely those which haven’t paid out recently, and which slots to avoid.

Most Popular High Variance Slots

Below we have compiled a list of the most popular high variance slots along with lots of tips and playing hints. Take some time to have a read through as they will hopefully give you an idea of not only which slots to play but also how to play them to your best advantage.

Supe it Up Slot

Supe it Up

The Supe it Up slot has 25 paylines and you could trigger a free spins round as you are playing the base game.

  • Make sure your bankroll can ride out the losing streaks.
  • An ideal stake is 1/200th of your initial bankroll.
  • If you win a large payout, stop playing and move on.

With a x6 multiplier in play during the free spins round, it is quite possible for this slot to award some very large payouts. When this happens, our top tip for playing Supe it Up, is to cash out when you do win big, as the slot can very easily gobble up those winnings if you carry on.

Cashville Slot


This slot has a Billionaire character theme so it is no surprise it is a high variance game. You could possibly trigger a pick me bonus game while playing, and this can often award some truly day making payouts. Below are a few tips for playing this Cashville slot game from Microgaming.

  • Bonus games can often trigger three times in short succession.
  • A large bankroll will be required to ride out any losing streaks.
  • Try starting on small stakes with fewer lines if you have a tight budget.

Due to the number of bonus symbols on each reel, the average number of time the bonus game will trigger is around once every 98 spins; however, this figure can and will fluctuate wildly, so don’t keep count.

Golden Goose Slots

Golden Goose Genies Gems

You will find a small collection of slots on offer at Microgaming powered casinos called the Golden Goose series. These require a small side wager to be placed alongside your base game stake, and for this bonus bet one of several bonus games can randomly be awarded.

Both the Golden Goose Totem Treasure slot machine along with the Golden Goose Genie’s Gems slot games are the high variance titles in this slot series.

  • Always place the bonus bet wager when playing the two high variance slots.
  • Make sure you have set your stakes correctly so as not to over stake.
  • Bonus games can make up a large part of the expected RTP.

Do not expect to win a large payout via the Goose Walk bonus game, during which a Goose waddles across the screen and awards a cash prize. If the slot awards this bonus game a lot, then it may be a sign the slot isn’t about to payout anything substantial for a while.