Microgaming Slot Tournaments

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Microgaming, the leading online casino game software company, was one of the pioneers of online slot tournaments. Their state of the art software not only allows players to play hundreds of different slot machines as demo’s or for real money, but also gives players the option of entering dozens of daily slot tournaments.

The popularity of these slot tournaments, which are held at the majority of online casinos utilizing Microgaming software, has grown in recent years as players look around for a more cost-effective way of playing slots online.

There are several different types of online slot tournaments offered at Microgaming powered sites, and to give you an idea of what you can expect we have listed each type of slot tournament below.

Types of Online Slot Tournaments

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There are two main types of slot tournaments found at Microgaming powered casinos: the Sit and Go tournaments and the Scheduled Tournaments.

Sit and Go’s have no set starting time; instead, as soon as the required number of players have registered to take part in them, then they will begin.

Scheduled slot tournaments will have a starting time along with an ending time, and entrants are allowed to register and play in them at any point during the allocated time slot in which they running.

Slot tournaments can, depending on which ones you are taking part in, offer several additional playing structures. Some of them will offer what are known as Re-Buys and some offer Add-ons.

A Re-buy will let you pay an additional fee to replay the slot tournament if your original score was not high enough. When you purchase a Re-Buy then your original score in the slot tournament is wiped clean and you start the tournament again from the beginning.

An Add-On will let you carry on playing from where you left off, at the point where your initial entry finished. It is of course up to you whether you opt to pay the extra stake needed to activate either option.

There is also an array of different categories of online slot tournaments, and below you will find an overview of each of them.

Monthly Monster Slot Tournament – The Monthly Monster is a scheduled slot tournament which offers you the chance to share in a guaranteed prize pool of £25k.

This tournament is open on the last Monday of each month and closes 7 days later. You can win your way into this tournament via a Free Roll Qualifier tournament.

Weekend Whopper Slot Tournament – This is another guaranteed, scheduled tournament held in Microgaming powered casinos. You can take part every Friday to Sunday for a £10k prize pool.

Alongside paying cash prizes, you could also win an entry into the Monthly Monster slot tournament.

Midweek Moolah Slot Tournament – Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays are the days of the week when you can take part in this scheduled slot tournament.

The Midweek Moolah slot tournaments offer a guaranteed prize pool of £10k which is distributed to those entrants finishing in positions 1 to 19 on the leaderboard.

Freeroll Slot Tournament – A Freeroll tournament is one of the most popular found online. As you may have guessed from the name, these are completely free to enter.

However, you may opt to purchase Re-buys and Add-ons if you think they will increase your chances of picking up one of the real money prizes on offer.

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One Shot Slot Tournament – A typical One Shot slot tournament gives all entrants one chance of reaching a prize paying position on the tournament’s leaderboard.

You will not be offered any Re-buys or Add-ons, and as such everyone who takes part will get an equal chance of winning. This makes these particular slot tournaments the most balanced online.

Survivor Slot Tournament – This can be quite an exciting one to take part in, as they take place over multiple rounds. Players who obtain the highest scores during each round will then be able to progress to the next.

One of the most commonly found Survivor slot tournaments will offer you three rounds for your entry fee, where the top 50% of players in the first round make it through to the second. Only the top 10 scorers in this second round make it to the final round, after that the prizes are dished out as listed on the payout table.

Extender Slot Tournament – The beauty of Extender tournaments is that they offer the option to purchase Adds-on and occasionally Re-buys. So once you have played your initial entry, you will then be able to continue playing from where you left off, or replay the tournament from scratch.

An example of an Extender slot tournament will see you paying a small entry fee and being credited with 5 minutes of playtime. The tournament will be activated for one hour, and three Re-buys and/or 5 Add-ons will be offered during that time.

Reloader Slot Tournament – The most common type of Reloader slot tournament is made up of just one single round. This type of tournament will offer you Add-ons which will give you a chance to increase your score, however, Re-buys will not be offered.

A typical Reloader tournament will be open for one hour, and for your initial entry fee you will be given five minutes of play time. The Re-buy fee is often the same as the initial entry fee and you can often Re-buy up to ten times during the tournament should you so wish.