How To Play Slot Tournaments

Should you fancy pitting your wits against fellow online slot players by taking part in one of the many slot tournaments occurring throughout the day, then our guide on how to play slot tournaments will show you how.

You will of first have to find an online casino that holds slot tournaments, however, the majority of casinos powered by Microgaming software have hundreds of them up and running each day of the week. This means that finding a slot tournament will be child’s play as they have loads of them on offer.

Slot Tournaments List

Once you have logged into your chosen casino, you will need to find the tournament schedule. This is simply a listing of the up and coming slot tournaments that are on offer. You will find the schedule by clicking on the ‘Slot Tournaments’ tab located at the bottom of the game menu.

Once the tournament schedule has loaded you can opt to have slot tournaments listed in one of three different ways; at the top of the tournament schedule you will be able to choose between the Name, Entry or Status tabs.

By clicking on the Name tab all of the tournaments will be lised alphabetically; clicking on the Entry tab will list them by the entry fee charge; clicking on the Status tab will reorder the tournaments by whether they are in play, open, or completed.

Register to Take Part in a Slot Tournament

If you have never taken part in a slot tournament then the first thing you will need to do before you can play in any of them is to register a username and your location.

Slot Tournament ExampleThis will take a couple of seconds, and you will then be able to take part in as many slot tournaments at that casino as you so wish. If your chosen username has already be taken then you will be prompted to pick another one, so try and come up with something unique. It’s more fun that way, too.

As you scroll through the available slot tournaments you will be able to enter any of them that are listed, unless of course, that tournament has recently ended. If you wish to enter one of them simply click on the ‘Join’ button displayed on the screen. A small pop up window will then ask you to either confirm or cancel your request to enter the tournament. If you click OK on this confirmation screen then you will automatically be entered into that particular tournament.

It is worth pointing out that you do not have to actually launch the slot until such a time as the tournament has begun. You can play any game in the casino as normal, and a small pop up window will alert you when the tournament is starting. This pop up screen will give you the option of launching the tournament slot game screen there are then.

Paying the Slot Tournament Entry Fee

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At Microgaming powered online casinos, all of the slot tournaments entry fees are displayed and charged in US Dollars, however, you can still enter and take part in them regardless of what currency you usually use. The software will automatically charge you the respective amount of your set currency and will then remove that amount from your current casino balance.

If the tournament is a freeroll tournament then you will not be charged to take part. All winnings listed are paid in US Dollars, and once again any winnings will be credited into your casino account in your chosen base currency at the current exchange rate.

Playing the Tournament Slot

As soon as the tournament slot screen launches you are ready to start.

You will notice the timer which is displayed at the side of the slots control buttons will not start to move until you have hit the spin button for the first time. You will then need to play the game as quickly as you can, and all winnings accumulated on the slot will be added to your ‘Winnings’ meter.

All you have to do now is amass as big a score as possible until such a time that either you have run out of tournament credits or the timer reaches zero. At this point, you will be given the option (should the tournament support it) of either purchasing an Add-on or a Re-buy.

You are under no obligation to take either of these options, but if you do then the cost of them will be removed from your real money balance once you confirm. The game then plays out as before.

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Once you have finished playing you will be shown where you placed on the tournament’s leaderboard. Be aware that this position may change during the tournament as your competitors complete their entry.

A few minutes after the published closing time of each slot tournament, the final scores will be displayed. This will show you where each entrant finished along with showing who won which prize based on their final position.

At this point, all winnings will be credited to those entrants who qualified for a cash prize. If, as is the case on some slot tournaments, an entry into a further slot tournament has been won, then that particular player’s user name will be added to the list of entrants for this additional slot tournament.