Free Online Slot Tournaments

A free to enter online slot tournament is known as a freeroll tournament, and you will find virtually all online casinos which utilize Microgaming software offer them.

Should these types of slot playing competitions be of interest to you then read on.

If you have never come across a slot tournament before, never mind a free slot tournament, you may be wondering exactly what they are and how they work, so with this in mind, we have compiled a guide to them below.

What is a Free Roll Slot Tournament?

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Any type of slot tournament including a free roll slot tournament is simply a slot machine playing competition between you and fellow players. The aim is quite simple, you are allocated a set number of tournament credits and a set amount of play time – all you need to do is win as much as you can.

In regards to a free roll slot tournament, these are offered throughout the day at most Microgaming powered casinos and will give all players a chance at winning a real money or bonus cash prize.

Each free to enter slot tournament will have both a minimum and maximum number of players permitted, and each tournament will also boast a set of prizes which are allocated to those players who win the highest amounts during the tournament.

Only winnings achieved playing the slot play will be added to your score when you take part in a slot tournament, and as such you need to play as many spins and games as you possibly can. Any tournament credits left over when the timer runs out will not be added to your final score.

Most Popular Free Roll Slot Tournament

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When you are playing at a Microgaming powered site you will find the most popular freeroll tournaments are the “$50 – 90 Minute free rolls”. There are several of these tournaments running throughout the day.

The prize pool is, of course, $50, which is split between the entrants who manage to finish the tournament in the top five positions on the leaderboard, with each player picking up $10 each in prize money.

You can register your place at these freeroll tournaments hours in advance but you will need to be online when they start or before they close. Each of these slot tournaments will be in play for 90 minutes as the name suggests.

There are several different base game slot machines used on these freeroll tournaments, and depending on which one is chosen you will be given a varied amount of starting credits to play with along with a set amount of time to play them.

Free Roll Continues and Re-Buys

One commonly used base game freeroll slot is the Loaded slot machine, and when this is the slot used on the freeroll tournament, then you will be awarded 25,000 in tournament credits and will also be given 10 minutes of play time to try and win as much as you can.


Once you have exhausted either your tournament credits or the timer reaches zero then you can, should you so wish, purchase either an Add-on or a Re-buy.

An Add-on lets you continue playing from where you left off and will cost you $1.00 while and the Re-buy lets you start again from scratch for an additional fee of $1.00.

If you choose to purchase the optional add-on, then for your $1.00 additional stake, you will be given a further 15,000 in tournament chips and will also be allocated an extra 6 minutes of play time on the slot tournament timer.

However, should you purchase a Re-Buy then your initial score will be voided out and you will get to replay the tournament again, which means you will get the original 10 minutes of playtime and the starting credits of 25,000 to play the tournament again in the hope of you getting a higher score.

Free Roll Qualifier Slot Tournaments

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Another type of freeroll slot tournament which you will find readily available at the majority of Microgaming software powered casino sites are the Qualifier tournaments.

Microgaming have lots of high paying slot tournaments up and running each week, however, these can often be quite expensive to enter.

Many savvy players will try and win their entry into these high paying slot tournaments by taking part in a freeroll Qualifier.

Much like the freeroll tournament mention above, these Qualifiers are of course completely free to enter, however, instead of picking up a small cash prize when you finish on one of the prize paying positions on the leaderboard, you will instead win an entry into a major slot tournament held later in the week or month.

Weekend Whopper Free Roll Qualifier

10000 DollarsOne very popular paid for slot tournament is the Weekend Whopper, this is held at most Microgaming powered casinos and boasts a guaranteed prize pool of a huge $10k.

The cost of a standard entry into this tournament is $15.00, however, you could win your way into this tournament by taking part in one of the many Weekend Whopper freeroll qualifier tournaments which run in the lead up to the tournament.

A typical Qualifier tournament will be free to enter, and there will be several free tickets given to the entrants of this Qualifier who manage to finish the freeroll tournament with the highest scores.

The only downside to entering these types of freeroll tournaments is that you will often be up against thousands of fellow players, all eager to get a free entry into the Weekend Whopper slot tournament.

There can be as many as 12,500 players taking part in each Qualifier, so be prepared for a long hard slog if you do take part in them. However, once you have finished your free entry you can, if you wish, try and increase your chances of winning by purchasing an Add-on or a Re-buy.

Make sure you check out all of the freeroll slot tournament schedules, as there are plenty of these freeroll tournaments available so you are sure to find one which is about to start.