Celtic Casino & Fairway Casino Closed For Business (Rumour)

Celtic Casino / Fariway Casino Not Found

After a barrage of complaints on both player and affiliate forums, the word on the digital grape vine is that Celtic Casino and Fairway Casino have shut down, with both sites now unreachable.

The sites have been down since at least Sunday 3rd February 2019 with no official word on what’s going on from the casinos or their affiliate program. We’ll update this post as more information is released.

Whilst it’s always sad when a once-decent group turns bad or goes bust, there were plenty of warning signs:

Players Not Getting Paid

Popular player forum Casinomeister had received numerous complaints about non-payment and issued a warning in March 2018.

Casinomester Celtic Casino Warning

Lack of Affiliate Payments Attributed to Banking Issues

Affiliates had also been complaining over the lack of payment which was attributed to the closure of their bank accounts which came to light via an email posted over on AGD.

Bogap Payment Issues