Low Variance Slots

Microgaming LogoShould you be looking to play online slot games of a more conservative nature, slots that give you plenty of play time due to the way the slots are structured, then Microgaming’s low variance slots are for you.

These types of slot games have been designed to give you plenty of regular winning spins, but with lower paying combinations. However, thanks to the fact that some modest jackpots and large winning combinations can be formed, then you will hopefully get an extended and enjoyable playing session.

These types of low variance slots can often be great games to play should you have a casino bonus waiting in your account, as scoring plenty of winning combinations could make meeting the play through requirements a very real possibility.

Microgaming Low Variance Video Slot Tips

Video slots can often be frustrating slots to play, more so when the bonus game isn’t triggering as often as you might like. However, some slots in the low variance category do award the bonus games more often than others, so if you like free spins bonus rounds some of the following may be of interest to you.

Be sure to pay attention to the tips and hints.

Moonshine Slot


Here we have a 25 payline bonus video slot, which will offer you a set of free spins after you have completed a pick me style game. This is triggered when you spin three or more of the scatter symbols anywhere in view.

  • The free spins round triggers on average once every 88 spins.
  • Start playing for modest stake levels with all lines in play.
  • Increase stakes if you haven’t hit them within those 88 spins.

Make the increase in stake levels gradually, as this slot is random it could take a lot longer than eighty eight spins to trigger the bonus game – but then again it could take far fewer spins as well.

Munchkins Slot


Another video slot which awards its bonus game quite regularly is the Munchkins slot; in fact, you will usually get more re-triggers when playing this slot than most other Microgaming video slots.

  • The Munchkins free spins round triggers on average once every 94 spins.
  • Being low variance, don’t expect massive payouts when they trigger.
  • A good slot to play when you are seeking a slower pace of game.

Never try and chase the free spins on the Munchkins slot, they will be awarded only when the scatters spin in and trigger it, and by chasing this bonus round you could spend a lot of money in the mistaken belief that they should soon trigger when they don’t. Just play at your own pace.

Pharaoh’s Tomb Slot

Pharaohs Tomb

This is a video slot which boasts plenty of optional paylines (20), and a pick me style game can be triggered as you play through the base game.

  • The bonus pick me game is triggered by scatter symbols.
  • Try playing on low stakes as you will still see the bonus game triggering.
  • The bonus game payout is dependant on the base game stakes.

The bonus picking game is predetermined, and as such it doesn’t matter which icons you click on during the bonus round, as the amount you will win has been decided before you click on them. As such, the bonus game is designed merely to give some excitement and entertainment.

Monster Mania Slot

Monster Mania

One video slot game which has no bonus rounds, bonus feature or bonus games is the Monster Mania slot. This slot has a low-value jackpot of 1000 coins, and you can play up to 9 paylines on each game you play.

  • You need to play all nine coins to get the best winning chances.
  • Scatter symbols pay a stake multiplier of up to 100 times your stake.
  • The larger your stakes the more you can win.

You will notice that the scatter symbols do spin in a lot on this slot, and as such, they make up a large part of the slots payout percentage. As mentioned above, to get up to 100 times your stake and receive some decent regular payouts high stake wagers should be played, as they can spin in at any time.

Microgaming Low Variance 3 Reel Slot Tips

You may not be instantly attracted to playing three reel slots, even less so if you like slot machines which offer you lots of bonus rounds and plenty of paylines. However, if these kinds of slots tickle your fancy then take a look through our slot tips for playing them below.

Chiefs Magic Slot

Chiefs Magic

The Chiefs Magic slot is one of Microgaming’s classic slot range, those being the type of slots which have just one payline in play. Below are our top tips for playing this Red Indian themed slot machine.

  • Always play 3 coins per spin.
  • This activates an enhanced Jackpot payout.
  • Playing this way will get you a better long-term expected RTP.

The RTP is the return to player payout percentage which a slot is designed to pay out during each cycle of game play, and as such, you really do need to play maximum coins with this slot as that enhanced jackpot payout is the way to achieve its standard and expected RTP.

Heavy Metal

Heavy Metal

This Heavy Metal slot game is a three reel, three line slot. You can play just one coin per line per spin, which equates to a maximum bet game costing you 3 coins. The coin values can, of course, be adjusted to suit your playing budget.

  • A 3 line spin will give you a larger jackpot payout.
  • Set your stakes to those which will let you play 3 coins.
  • A great slot to play with a slot bonus.

Any low variance slot game makes an ideal choice to play alongside a casino bonus as you will get lots of winning combinations spinning in due to the way these slots operate.

If things go as planned then you can often make the play through requirements and can get to a position where you can make a withdrawal with such bonuses once the play through has been completed.

Cool Buck

Cool Buck

You will be able to play up to five lines per game on the Cool Buck slot. Being one of the easier three reel slots to play, the playing tips are much the same as those mentioned above.

  • Playing five coins gives you a bigger base game jackpot.
  • 1000 extra coins are paid for jackpot combinations on line five.
  • Make sure you only play with five lines activated to get the best payout.

Those 1000 coins which the jackpot is increased by make a whole lot of difference when playing this slot, so never play fewer than five lines per spin as you could very easily miss out on that higher paying jackpot.