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No sooner have you decided to play at an online casino site and you are presented with a big decision: which of the many different available game types should you launch from the menu and get stuck into playing?

Players have literally hundreds of games they can access, and whilst on first inspection they may appear tempting and fun to play, you need to be aware of which games are going to give you the very best chances of winning, as those are the ones any savvy player ought to be seeking out.

To help you locate the games which give you the best chances of winning when played optimally, we have put together a set of guides below. This takes into consideration each games unique design, set of payouts, and other distinguishing features.

Each guide will list in order the top ten casino games from each category which have the lowest house edge and offer players the highest payout percentages over the long term. Ultimately, these games will return to players the most in winnings when compared to similar games in the same category.


We shall now guide you through the maze of playing slot games online, starting by differentiating between the several alternative types of slots, which all offer a differing playing style and structure.

Three Reel Slots

Couch Potato

By far and away the easiest online slot games to play are the three reel slots.

You are offered a relatively straight forward playing format when enjoying three reel slots, as with only three reels you are not forced to mess around with lots of paylines, and usually, these slots do not have any type of bonus game or feature round on offer, either.

There are a handful of these slot games which boast some very high payout percentages which makes them highly playable.

Video Slots

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When people pick a video slot game to play they will often base their decision on what the slot’s theme is, or possibly what the bonus game features are. However, the only aspect of any video slot game you should be basing your decision on is its return to player payout percentage – or RTP for short.

You will only get the best returns and winning payouts from those video slots which have the highest preset long term payout percentages, so please do take a look at our guide to the video slots with the highest payout percentages to get clued up.

This will enable you to spot which slots are going to be worth investing your time in, and hopefully make you money when playing.

Pub Slots / Fruit Machines

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The final type of slot game you will find online are those which are classed as Fruit Machines or AWP’s. The main characteristics of these slot games is that they are designed to be highly entertaining and interactive, as evidenced by a plethora of different bonus game features and bonus rounds that can be triggered.

However, when playing fruit machines – much like any other slot games online – you need to play those which have been set to give you the maximum returns via the payout percentage attached to them.

We have got all of the payout information listed on our fruit machine playing guide, so take a look and give yourself a head start.



Spanish Blackjack

You are certainly going to find plenty of different Blackjack game variants available at a Microgaming powered site. You will find single hand variants, multi hand games, along with lots of Blackjack titles offering bonus payouts and side bet options.

However, if you are prepared to learn how to play each game optimally, and by this we mean putting into practice a perfect playing strategy, then you are going to find that some Blackjack games will give you the maximum winning chances by virtue of their tiny house edges.

Video Poker

All Aces Poker

Single hand, multi hand, progressive, and even a new range of Level Up Video Poker games can be accessed at Microgaming software powered sites; and with so many games available, finding the best ones to play will take some research.

That’s where we come in.

In our guide to playing video poker games online we have listed all of the games which are worth your time, based on the payout percentages achieved when the games are played optimally.

If you enjoy playing video poker make sure you check it out, or risk being left behind.



The thought of playing Scratchcard games online can be an alien concept to many casino game players, however, since companies like Microgaming have a very large collection of these games they obviously have a place in the industry. Let us explain what it is.

There may come a time when you are playing at an online casino and are down to a very small amount of cash. Well, with their modest stake levels the Scratchcard games are a superb choice for low stakes, and can extend your playing session without costing you anything extra.

It goes without saying, though, that you will still want to win, so we have compiled a guide that will allow you to see the payout percentage each of the top ten has been set to. Afterall, playing the best paying games gives you a an increased chance of winning.

Playing Online Casino Games Optimally

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It is worth noting that all Microgaming games, irrespective of the game category or game type, are completely random; and as such, winning and losing sessions are going to occur during your gaming career at any casino site using their instant play, downloadable, or mobile gaming platforms.

However, playing any game optimally will always increase your winning chances, so if you choose to play games such as Blackjack then you will of course need to put into play a perfect playing strategy to avoid making playing errors.

Games such as Video Poker will often require you to place maximum bet wagers to get the highest payout percentages, so when playing these types of games always play five coins per hand to ensure you get the maximum winning opportunities and payouts. Be aware of how this will affect your bankroll before you begin.

When it comes to slot games, if you choose to play a three reel slot then always take a look at the pay table of the slot you have selected. When playing three reel slots which have several paylines on offer it is often advisable to play all of the available lines to benefit from an enhanced set of payouts attached to the highest numbered payline.

A single payline three reel slot may also have an enhanced jackpot offered to players wagering the maximum coins per spin, so once again, always double check to see if this is the case on your chosen title. If it does then maximum bet spins are what you ought to be playing.