Microgaming Slot Tournaments Schedule

If you have some spare time available and wish to take part in some online slot tournaments, then knowing when they are up and running is going to be important. With this in mind, we have drawn an online slot tournaments schedule below.

This schedule will let you know when the most popular slot tournaments are up and running at the majority of Microgaming powered casino sites. Be aware that some casinos operate their own unique tournaments, however, those listed below are the standard ones available through the Microgaming network.

Daily Microgaming Slot Tournaments

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Daily Free Roll Tournaments – You will find several daily freeroll tournaments on offer at all Microgaming casinos that have slot tournaments available. These run for ninety minutes and offer a prize pool of $50.00.

The prize pool is split five ways, with the entrants amassing the top five scores each receiving $10 (or currency equivalent) each.

Daily Extender Tournament – A 3 hour Extender slot tournament is open and available each day, and this one boasts a prize pool of $100.00. It will cost you just $3.00 to enter, and a maximum of 2 continues and/or 4 Re-buys may be purchased. A Re-buy or a Continue will cost you $1.00 each.

A minimum of 30 players is required to make this slot tournament live, and a maximum of 3000 players per tournament can take part in it.

Daily Reloader Tournament – You will find a 3 hour Reloader slot tournament offered at most Microgaming powered sites each day, and this one will offer a prize pool of $100.00 which is split into five $20.00 prizes.

To take part in this daily Reloader tournament you will need to pay a $3.00 entry fee, and a maximum of five Re-buys are permitted per entrant. Each Re-buy will cost you a total of $2.00

Daily One Shot Slot Tournament – If playing in a One Shot slot tournament appeals to you, then make sure you take part in the daily $300.00 5 hour One Shot slot tournament available at Microgaming powered casinos.

You need to pay an entry fee of $10.00 which gives you just a single chance of winning a cash prize as no Re-buys or Continues can be purchased. The prize pool is $300.00 and this is split five ways, with the top scoring five players winning $60.00 each.

Daily Survivor Slot Tournament – The Survivor slot tournament is actually held over 3 days, so you will be able to find time to take part in it quite easily. This one will cost you $4.00 to enter, and you will be able to purchase either 4 Continues or use a maximum of 8 Re-buys.

Each Continue will cost you $1.50 and each Re-buy will cost you an additional $3.00. The prize pool is guaranteed at $1000.00, with the top ten scoring entrants all receiving $100.00 each. A minimum of just 12 players is required and a maximum of 750 players can take part in this tournament.

Weekly Microgaming Slot Tournaments

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Weekend Whopper Slot Tournament – The Weekend Whopper slot tournament runs from Friday to Sunday each week of the year. There is a prize pool which is guaranteed at $10.000 and there are 19 prize paying positions.

The top scorer will pick up a payout of $2000.00, with the second and third highest scorers picking up $1500.00 and $1000.00 respectively.

Entrants finishing in the positions numbered 4 to 9 will each win $500.00 and those in positions 10 to 19 will each win $250.00. Some casinos will also give away free entries to the Monthly Monster slot tournament to players finishing in lower positions.

This slot tournament costs $15.00 to enter and you can purchase a maximum of 5 Re-buys and/or 5 Continues. A Continue will cost $10.00 and a Re-buy will cost $15.00.

Midweek Moolah Slot Tournament – The Midweek Moolah is very similar to the Weekend Whopper slot tournament mentioned above, however, this particular slot tournament is in play on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. The prize pool is guaranteed at $10.000 and there are 19 prize paying positions.

The winner of this tournament will pick up a payout of $2000.00, and those entrants finishing the tournament in second and third place will win $1500.00 and $1000.00 respectively.

All players in finishing positions number four to nine will each win $500.00 and those in positions ten to nineteen will each win $250.00. This slot tournament costs $15.00 to enter and you can purchase a maximum of 5 Re-buys and/or 5 Continues. A Continue will cost $10.00 and a Re-buy will cost $15.00.

Monthly Microgaming Slot Tournaments

Monthly Monster Slot Tournament – A huge $25,000.00 prize pool is offered on the Monthly Monster slot tournament. You will be able to take part in this tournament for an entry fee of $25.00.

There are a total of 5 Continues or 10 Re-buys which can be purchased, with a Continue costing $15.00 and a Re-buy costing $25.00. There are a total of twenty five prize paying positions on offer, with each of the top scoring 25 entrants winning $1000.00 each.

This Monthly Monster slot tournament begins on the last Monday of each month of the year and runs for a full seven days.

Thunderstruck II

The most common slot game offered on this Monthly Monster slot tournament is the Thunderstruck II slot and when this is used all players will get 30,000 coins as their starting balance and 25 minutes of play time.

Please be aware that some casinos may offer additional prizes on their respective slot tournaments, as well as offering a more diverse number of them. You could also win an entry into many major slot tournaments by taking part in a freeroll qualifier.

For full details of what each casino has to offer by way of their respective slot tournaments then make sure you check out the websites of each one.

You can also log into any Microgaming casino and click on the slot tournaments tab for a full slot tournament schedule.