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The unique variety of games found on both Microgaming’s instant play and downloadable gaming platform includes a large collection of Scratchcard games, and much like every other game Microgaming have produced each one of them is designed to return a certain payout percentage to players over the long term.

Whilst you could potentially play any of the Scratchcard games and hit a massive winning payout after just a few rounds, this is fairly unlikely, so for those of you who want the best long-term winning opportunities you ought to play the variants offering the highest return to player (RTP) payout percentages and avoid the lower paying games.

Top Ten Scratchcard Games in Order of Payout Percentages

To be perfectly honest there is not much in it with regards to the RTP’s attached to a lot of Microgaming’s Scratchcard games. However, to ensure you always know which games offer the absolute best RTP we have listed the top paying Scratchcard games by virtue of their known and certified payout percentages.

It has to be noted that a lot of the games we are going to showcase may not seem like Scratchcards due to the way they play and pay, but they are all in some way structured as one of these games. As you are able to access and play them for free at Microgaming powered sites then then we advise trying them out before playing them for real money, just to see if you like the way they work and play.

Hand to Hand CombatHand to Hand Combat – This game is based around the Rock Paper Scissors game you may have played in the school playground as a child. The game gives you five chances of winning, and you simply need to reveal both your hand movement and your opponent’s hand movement by scratching off the relevant panels to win.

The long-term RTP of this game is 96.75% making it the current best paying Scratchcard game Microgaming have available.

Space Evader GoldSpace Evader Gold – This is a rather unusual Scratchcard game in which you roll a special number reel.

You are allocated a certain number of rolls per game and each number that spins in moves you around the on-screen trail. You will be aiming to land on a prize awarding location on that trail, and this games RTP is a high one working out at some 96.66%.

Six Shooter Looter GoldSix Shooter Looter Gold – The Six Shooter Looter Gold Scratchcard game is almost identical to the above game in as much as its long term payout percentage is 96.66%.

The way the game is structured will see you moving around a number trail, however, instead of a number reel, you spin a gun chamber to reveal the number of positions you move.

Crypt Crusade GoldCrypt Crusade Gold – One other Scratchcard game worth playing is the Crypt Crusade game, which also boasts a RTP of 96.66%.

This game too is structured and plays out in a similar fashion to the above two named games, but on this one ,you spin a Compass Wheel to determine how many positions you move around the trail.

Lucky NumbersLucky Numbers – Quite a high payout percentage of 96.57% is on offer on Microgaming’s Lucky Numbers, and this game gives you not one but two ways of winning on each card you choose to play.

The first game is a scratch and match type game, and on the second game you must scratch off a panel in the hope of revealing a number 8, which will win you the cash prize shown on the screen.

Bill and Teds Bogus JourneyBill and Ted’s Bogus Journey – One of the more classically structured Scratchcard games is the Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey game themed around the film of the same name that premiered back in the 1990’s.

To win, you simply have to match three character symbols uncovered on nine panels, and to make this game appealing its long-term payout percentage is 96.50%.

Plunder the SeaPlunder the Sea – When playing the Plunder the Sea Scratchcard game you need to match any of the symbols hiding underneath six panels, with the prize symbol located in the centre panel.

Several different cash prizes are up for grabs on each card played and the payout percentage of this game is a high one at 96.38%.

Offside and SeekOffside and Seek – This game is actually two separate games in one; the first will see you trying to match three soccer players hiding underneath six panels; the second requires you to reveal a goal symbol on the one panels.

The payout percentage attached to this game is quite a high one listed as being 96.38%.

Game Set and ScratchGame Set and Scratch – This is a Tennis themed Scratchcard game which over the long-term returns a payout percentage identical to the above game – 96.38%.

It allows you to play two games in one, much like the game above, and in one you are hoping to match three symbols hiding underneath 6 panels, while on game two you are hoping that the Tennis Ball stays in play (and is not called ‘out’) to win a prize.

Bunny Boiler GoldBunny Boiler Gold – The final Microgaming Scratchcard game listed as one of the better paying is the Bunny Boiler Gold game. This one sees you having to roll a dice to move around a special on-screen trail, and the aim is to end the game having reached one of the prize paying locations revealed to you as you work your way around.

A range of different cash prizes can be won and the higher you make it up this trail the bigger and better those cash prizes will become. The long term expected payout percentage of Microgaming’s Bunny Boiler Gold Scratchcard game is 96.38%.