Big Jackpot Win Videos From 2017

Mega Fortune Jackpot

In this blog I plan on sharing with you stories, photos and videos of my own good fortune at the casinos, as well as providing reviews and recommendations of games and virtual gambling houses.

As well as recording my own play time, I also like to share big winner videos and screenshots from other players. So, I thought a good way to kick off the blog was with a few jackpot videos. I’m sad to say I didn’t win these myself, but they’re impressive to watch none the less.

Note: The following are all from the Casumo YouTube Channel which has some great videos of massive jackpots. As a responsible operator they have put an age restriction on the videos so you’ll need to be signed in to be able to watch them. I’ve included screenshots below to give you an idea of what to expect.

March: €3.3 million jackpot on Mega Fortune

Whilst I was trying my luck at the races at Cheltenham*, a lucky Swede took home an incredible €3,317,639 after winning the Mega Fortune jackpot at Casumo. And from a €2.50 bet, too!

Mega Fortune Jackpot

Full Video:

* Yes I know the win happened on the 30th and the Cheltenham Festival was a bit earlier than that, but don’t be pedantic.

April: €4.6 million jackpot on Mega Fortune Dreams

Less than a week after the last win, another player hit the Mega Jackpot at Casumo, this time on Mega Fortune Dreams – netting an impressive €4,621,607.81 from their €1 spin.

Mega Fortune Dreams Jackpot Win

Full Video: